New Committee & Programme

Hello everyone! The Programme has been updated with 2018-19’s events, and we have a new Committee:

President: Lynda Jones

Secretary: Eileen Tessier

Treasurer: Sue Coates

Database: Sue Coates

Competitions: Gill Thompson

Register: Gill Thompson

Press: Stevy Haworth

Webpage: Stevy Haworth

Teas: Jean Glasson

CWFI Events: Julia Simmons

Praze WI Events: Fran Beaton

Assistant Secretary: Sara Price

Assistant Treasurer: Joan Cafferky

Vice President: Julia Simmons

Vice President: Joan Cafferky

A big thank you to Jane and Linda who served on the committee in 2017 for all your hard work and organisation! I hope you enjoy getting a bit more peace and quiet this year. 🙂