The trains may no longer stop at Praze-an-Beeble but there is still plenty to do! Praze WI meets on the second Monday of the month, at 7.15 pm at The Institute, Fore Street, Praze to hear a speaker, take part in competitions, have a light supper and tea or coffee and socialise.  We have a thriving Book Club and a packed schedule of events ranging from pamper days to visits to historic gardens.  The Ladies Who Lunch enjoy meeting at restaurants (we are very lucky in Cornwall to have so many on our doorstep!) and Eileen organises her famous walks, known as the Tessier Toddles.



2017-2018 Committee


Lynda Jones



Eileen Tessier

Treasurer and Database

Sue Coates

Competitions Coordinator and Register Secretary

Gill Thompson

Press Secretary, IT and Webpage

Stevy Haworth

Speaker Secretary

Jane Curnow

Tea Hostess

Jean Glasson

CFWI  events, Assistant Treasurer and Vice-President

Joan Cafferky

Praze WI events, Assistant Secretary and Vice-President

Linda Barraclough